Should we rent a limo or party bus for proms?

A view of the inside of a bus with red lights.

There are lots of decisions to consider when your preparing for your prom. Go with friends or a date? Classic look or trendy? What to do for dinner, high-end or favorite dive? After prom party crawl or one and done? The crucial decision that will set the mood for your experience from start to finish: rent a limo or party bus for prom?

Let’s look at the pros and cons of both renting a limo or party bus for prom. Primarily the focus will be on the influence both limos and party buses can have on the over all experience. However, first and foremost both options offer you a safe mode of transportation. In these high pressure, conditionalized once in a lifetime experiences, it is easy to lose a designated driver. Take the sure route that allows everyone to have the night of their life and get around safely. Both limos and party buses offer this priceless security. In this instance it doesn’t matter if rent a limo or party bus for prom their both a safe bet.

Why should you rent a limo for prom?

If your prom experience is all about romance. If your prom night is all about your date, and the two of you want an intimate evening without the distraction of your peers; a limo would serve you well. It offers more privacy, allowing the moment in time to be owned by you alone. The moon-roof offers the perfect backdrop as you arrive for diner at an Italian travito or sushi fusion. After dinner ask your driver to drive scenic A1A until your ready to make your arrival with a air of old Hollywood glamour as your driver opens your door and presents you. You quietly demand the attention of all spectators. After prom you can still a few moments together on the beach before your limo whisk you off to make an appearance at all the after parties before deciding which party will usher into the morning. When deciding to rent a limo or party bus for prom; A limo is the clear choice if a night of couples and romance is what you want from your prom experience. The best limo service in the southern Florida area can be found at service is exceptional and prices are very competitive.

Why should you rent a party bus for prom?

If your prom is all about friends and fun than deciding between a limo or party bus for prom you may find your needs served much better by a party bus. You will start building energy and excitement the moment you and your friends come aboard. Your driver doubles as a club dj and the bass gets your heart pounding you and your group bring the party wherever you decide to start your night. Then you turn heads up and down the strip as the sound and energy from your party bus is contagious. When you arrive at prom the party begins to break off. After some dancing and some pics its off to the after party. When your deciding to rent a limo or party bus for prom your deciding what your night will bring. A party bus brings its namesake you are the party where you are is the place to be.

Prom is a once in a lifetime experience. Once that time in your life passes you can not recapture it. Do not sell yourself, your date, or your friends short. Really think about what you want from prom then you’ll know what to do. Ask yourself what do you want to remember about this evening when you look back on it for years to come. If you are honest with yourself and your parents it will be easy to decide what to do: Rent a limo or party bus for prom.